What we do

Atomic Intelligence provides a web-based service for the automated analysis of text content. We monitor large volumes of content -- such as news, social media, and regulatory filings -- and detect the opinions expressed along with mentions of company names, products, and topics.

Our service is used by investment firms who use the data as part of their proprietary trading strategies, by consumer product companies who need to understand what their customers are saying, and by technology companies who want to outsource text analysis.

How we do it

Atomic Intelligence scans text to find mentions of companies, products, sentiment, topics, and more. Natural language processing and machine learning is used to identify important mentions, which may be explicit or implicit in the text. Atomic Intelligence's technology includes components for:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Company and brand name detection
  • Topic classification
  • Information extraction
Customized to your needs
Atomic Intelligence works with any type of unstructured content. Upload files through the web interface, or via an API, or customize Atomic to perform automated scheduled fetching from your chosen sources.
  • Web sources
  • Proprietary content
  • Multiple formats: HTML, PDF, Excel, and more
  • Plug-ins for financial news, transcripts and SEC filings
  • Integrates with major financial information providers
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