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The news analytics edge
News analytics can be integrated with your trading strategy to generate alpha:
  • Add to existing quant measures
  • Predict intra-data and short-term stock price movements
  • Enhance fundamental analysis for long-term investments
  • Predict trading volume and reduce volatility
  • Support compliance monitoring
Extensive source coverage
Thousands of sources. Balanced, filtered and curated for investment relevance.
  • Finance and business
  • International
  • Trade publications
  • Press releases
  • Article comments
  • Blogs
Categorized by business event
  • Earnings
  • Earnings guidance & pre-announcements
  • Analyst ratings
  • Dividend announcements
  • M&A
  • Management changes
  • Commentary and opinion
Market moving news, quantified
  • Company focus of article
  • Mentions of other companies
  • Tone of title, article and sentences
  • Impact score
  • Source rank
  • Tagged by topics, events, industries
Clean, normalized content
  • Detailed timestamps
  • Publisher metadata
  • Duplicate detection
  • Clean article text
  • Source-weighted statistics
  • 8-year news archive
  • Largest broad-coverage finance news archive
  • Ready for backtesting
  • Rich API to re-run analytics

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